Carpet Cleaning

  1. Pet Treatments
  2. Upholstery Cleaning
  3. Vacuuming
  4. Raking and Grooming
  5. Stain Guarding
  6. Deodorizing
  7. Spot treatments
  8. Flood Recovery/Mold Remediation
  9. Tile and Grout Cleaning

When we think of carpets, we usually think of those beautiful designs that make a room look so much more inviting. But that is only what we see on the surface. But what about what's in it? You might be surprised to know that carpets are one of the top places where dirt, dust, allergens and other organisms that cause health problems. This is because they suffer foot traffic and are subjected to a lot of activities where food, liquids and other substances can be dropped. When they are not cleaned regularly, they become a host for dust mites, fleas, bacteria and even mold. You surely would not want to sit on that carpet after knowing these facts and might consider removing your carpets from your home. But then again, you need not resort to such an action because you can still enjoy your beautiful carpets. Professional carpet cleaning services is the answer.

One of the key solutions in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of carpets is through vacuuming. This is even more important for those who suffer from allergies and asthma conditions. While this is the basic solution, you will still have need for more comprehensive and deep cleaning solutions that you can avail of from professional carpet cleaning companies. One of these is Carpet Cleaning of Burleson. We are one of the more respected carpet cleaning companies in the area, having been providing cleaning solutions for a considerable number of years now. We offer a range of carpet cleaning services.

  • Hot water extraction system or the "steam cleaning" process is one of the excellent deep cleaning methods that really penetrates your carpet fabric to bring out dirt that has lodged in. A solution of water and detergent is sprayed into the carpet pile, after which a powerful vacuum sucks the water out, including the soil, from the carpet.
  • The carpet shampooing method is used to generate a lot of foam in the carpet which is then allowed to dry. The resulting residue attracts the soil found in dirty carpets which is vacuumed the next day. This method provides excellent agitation and deep cleaning that will produce good cleaning results that is very economical.
  • The encapsulation method is one of the newer "dry" methods which makes use of a type of chemistry that contains both a detergent and a "crystallizing" polymer. The detergent works to suspend the soil which is then encapsulated by the polymer. The crystal that forms will be subsequently vacuumed away. With this method, carpets stay cleaner for a longer time frame.
  • Bonnet pad cleaning involves spraying a cleaning solution over the face of the carpet pile which is then buffed with absorbent pads or bonnets that are attached to a floor machine. The bonnets absorb the soils found in the carpets. This method is excellent in quickly cleaning a large area and allowing the carpet to dry fast.

There are other carpet cleaning services that you can avail of depending on the condition of your carpets and rugs. These methods are currently being offered by Carpet Cleaning of Burleson. Find out more about our carpet cleaning services.