flood / Water Damage Tips


During the time of a flood, regardless of its nature of incident, the results are usually disastrous and leave a victim feeling helpless and extremely overwhelmed. However, panic is not necessary when you can rely on the experts at Carpet Cleaning to promptly be at your side. With just a phone call, one of our certified technicians will arrive within an hour to begin to repair the damage and restore life as you knew before the water. Because timing and attention to detail are so very critical, we have designed this page of tips of things that you can do while you are waiting on us. If you any further questions, please do not hesitate to call before acting.

  1. Begin by unplugging anything sitting in water and turn off breakers if needed. Then remove as much free-standing water as possible. DO NOT use a household vacuum cleaner. This will result in a possibly fatal shock! However, you may simply mop or if you have access to a wet/dry vac, which is specially designed to remove excess water. Also try carefully blotting water from wood furniture and other tabletop articles.
  2. As difficult as it may seem, the very most important thing you can do is actually very simple. DON'T PANIC! You have entrusted the "masters" in the flood recovery industry and water restoration. It is what we do. It is ALL we do! Each and every one of our technicians are not only skillfully trained, but are certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the IICRC, and are required to maintain a continual education program as a prerequisite to maintaining certification. We are also Vortex Drying System Certified. So in short, there is no need to stress! Have peace of mind that we will soon be there to rescue and in the meantime, here are some things you can do to not make our process easier, but also ease your mind as well.
  3. Be sure you have secured ALL valuables such as precious jewelry, oil paintings and other artwork so that they do not become lost or damaged in the restoration process to follow.
  4. DO NOT use TV's, computers, ceiling fans or any other electric appliance while standing water still exists. Again, this is a health risk and must be avoided able to prevent electric shock or fire!
  5. As to the legs of furniture such as chairs and tables, you can use plastic bags or aluminum foil to act as a barrier between your belongings and the costly effects of standing water.
  6. Most flood victims want to react by first picking up magazines and newspapers which may have been left before the flood. However, our professionals at Carpet Cleaning strongly recommend leaving them because of the fact that the wet dye will only bleed from one place to another, causing an even larger mess and more expense.
  7. DO NOT attempt to raise carpet which has been professionally tacked down. Improper raising could result in additional damage to the carpet itself and should only be done by a professional carpet installer. You can rely on the experts at Carpet Cleaning to do exactly that and then we will also make a professional opinion as to the future of the carpet and whether replacement is necessary.
  8. In the event your flood was the result of a sewage backup, it is extremely important to remember to take caution in the presence of "black" water which contains raw sewage. According to an amendment enacted in 1965 and subsequently revised over the years, The Enviromental Protection Agency or EPA states the serious concerns black water places on the community. Said to be highly unsanitary and an extreme health risk, the EPA strongly reccomends immediate evacuation where such water is present. It also states that all floor covering must be removed and discarded and all other surface must be carefully analyzed before re-entry. At Carpet Cleaning, we are firmly committed to this. We strongly recommend that all family members be relocated to a safe place and our technicians will arrive promptly to take care of the rest.

We hope you have found these tips to be both helpful and informative. Though we understand your feelings of despair and panic, we also want you to realize that timing is everything and that every moment counts. You can rely on the experts at Carpet Cleaning to promptly, tediously and professionally be at your rescue. We will ensure that no detail gets unturned and that your life returns back to normal as soon as possible. After all, we did not get our name for nothing and "Fast Means Fast" Call Carpet Cleaning today at 1-817-781-3278 and we will gladly be at your service! We can also be reached at 817-447-7550. Thank you for your interest in Carpet Cleaning and we look forward to helping you in the near future!